5 Facts about the Seanol Scam

Is Seanol Safe?

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Seanol, an antioxidant used to address health issues like cholesterol levels, memory function, concentration and so on have recently been in the news for the wrong reasons. Let us take a look at five basic facts which will help to elaborate the Seanol scam.
Fact 1 – Seanol Basics

To begin with we need to understand basic facts about the Seanol in order to better understand the Seanol scam. It is a marine product that is extracted from the plant Ecklonia Cava. It is a powerful antioxidant and has immense medicinal value and helps to solve most of our health issues, namely, diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, heart diseases, fibromyalgia, as well as weight loss.

Fact 2Seanol Ingredients

 It is very crucial to understand the chief ingredients included in every Seanol product. This is essentially because it is the dispute regarding the proportion of events that led to the Seanol Scam.

The primary ingredient in Seanol is the Ecklonia Cava extract. However, various manufacturers have added fillers in the form of additives and other ingredients leading to the dilution of its purity. This also leads to an impact on the dosage required in order to make the product effective.

Fact 3 – Seanol Extraction Patent

The Seanol is found in an algae based marine plant that grows on the sea bed near Japan and Korea. The method of extraction used for obtaining Seanol has been patented by a South Korean chemist along with his team. LiveChem, an organization in South Korea produces and bulk packages this purest form of ecklonia cava extract.

Fact 4 – Seanol Distribution

 LiveChem has provided Simply Healthy, a pharmaceutical organization in the US, the exclusive rights to distribute the product in the US. This is where the roots of the Seanol Scam find ground.

The Seanol is available as a capsule. Simply Healthy therefore divested the rights of encapsulating the ecklonia cava extract to an encapsulation company. During the process of encapsulation, the company added fillers in the form of additives. The completed product was labeled as Seanol-F and released in the market under the brand name FibroBoost.

The ecklonia cava extract mined in South Korea was labeled as Seanol-P as it did not contain any filler and was the purest form of the ingredient. The Seanol-P was black in color and was never shipped to the USA.

Fact 5 – Unearthing the Scam  

As facts about Seanol P come to be known, the focus increases on the Seanol Scam. With the increasing sale of Fibroboost and Fibronol under the distributorship of JPRenew, questions are raised about the exact percentage of the Ecklonia Cava extract presence in the Seanol –F. Moreover, Simply Healthy does not list the exact amount of Ecklonia Cava extract in the Seonol product.

Complaints have also been raised as to the level of detailing that has been done, if any, to ascertain the exact medicinal value of Seonol-F. This has become all the more relevant owing to the fact that the presence of the fillers has led to a dilution of its purity.  On the other hand volumes of research have been done to prove the purity level of the Seanol-P and the Ecklonia Cava extract.

It is therefore being disputed that Seanol F is not pure Ecklonia Cava extract and hence is unable to provide the correct medicinal benefits. It is also being considered that Simply Healthy be made responsible for duping consumers about the exact quality of products they have been delivered.

The Seanol scam also has an alternative group which refuses to believe that the Seanol – F is totally ineffective. They contend that most products are not 100% pure and Simply Healthy should also be borne with the minor impurities they sell with their products.

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